"Dr. Chris is a perfectionist, and he takes his time. He doesn't rush to get done. Too, he knows your name not only in the office but on the street. That really amazes me." - KAREN MILLER

"Dr. Chris makes you feel comfortable. His first concern is how he can help you, and he is always ready to help you in an emergency. White House is very proud to have Dr. Chris and his staff here." - JUANITA HULSEY

"Dr. Chris treats me as a person, not as a number. He keeps his patients' pain level in check much better than any dentist I've had before. During my root canal, I was scared to death. He was constantly watching me for signs of pain, and he quickly took care of it when I showed any pain. He is very personable and always asks about my family and job. He is very business-like, but also likes to have fun. The receptionists have always been cordial, considerate, and helpful." - BETH GOODCOURAGE

"When I meet people that are new to the White House area, I tell them about Dr. Chris and his friendly staff. I can tell they care about their patients by the way our family has been cared for. One time I can remember Dr. Givens calling us at home to see how my son was doing. I would recommend Dr. Givens to anybody!" - ANONYMOUS YAHOO LOCAL USER

"Dr. Chris is compassionate, caring, honest, helpful, and has a good sense of humor. The reception area feels welcoming right away, and the offices are beautiful, very clean, and well-kept. The waiting time is not too long; in fact, my husband once said he wished they'd give him more time to finish his magazine article! The dental hygienists always do a great job, and the office follows up well with appointment cards and phone calls." - BECKY RAU

"Things I like most about Dr. Givens' office are the fun atmosphere and the professional, quality service I receive." - JEFF BEDWEL

"As a patient of over 15 years, I have confidence in Dr. Givens. He is trustworthy and dedicated to his profession." - FRANK CENTEMOLE

"There is no comparison. Dr. Givens is the best around." - PAULA WALKER

"On one trip I had 21 teeth crowned and went to a steak house that night. There was NO PAIN OR SORENESS. It really has been a fairy-tale experience. Dr. Chris and his staff surpassed my expectations in every way." - DAN ADAMS